Small Fruits
PREPARATION OF THE GROUND Open a hole according to the volume of the container. The dimensions of the hole must be always bigger than the root ball, so that the roots grow with soft earth.

ATTENTION! Do not put chemical or organic fertilizer in contact with the roots, because it could burn the new ones. It is possible, however, mixing a highly decomposed compost with potting soil.

PLANTING Before planting, put the container in the water for 5 to 10 minutes to moisten the root ball. Then, without damaging it, remove the plastic container. Bury the plant by placing it so that soil from the surface of the root ball is slightly below ground level, as the grafting point should not be buried. Cover with fine fresh earth around the root ball, and once finished planting, water thoroughly so the soil is well packed.
Red Raspberry
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Blue Huckleberry
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Yellow Raspberry
Strawberry Vine
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Family: FR30 Vaccinium Corymbosum
Ref. Description
F 30 - 05 Violet Huckleberry 3 - 6 L
Family: FR60 Rubus Idaeus
Ref. Description
F 60 - 11
F 60 - 15
Yellow Raspberry 3 L
Red Raspberry  3 L
Family: FR80 Ribes S. P.
Ref. Description
F 80 - 05
F 80 - 10
F 80 - 15
F 80 - 17
Redcurrant 3,5 - 7,5 L
Whitecurrant 7,5 L
Blackcurrant - Cassis - 3 - 7,5 L
Blackcurrant Thorny 7,5 L
Family: FR90 Fragaria Vesca
Ref. Description
F 90 - 05 Strawberry Vine 6 L
Family: FR100 Rubus Fruticosus
Ref. Description
F 100 - 03
F 100 - 08
Thornless Blackberry 3 L 
Tayberry ( Blackberry + Raspberry )  3 L
Family: FR101 Morus Alba
Ref. Description
F 101 - 00 Mulberry 9 L
Family: FR295 Passiflora Caerulea
Ref. Description
F 295 - 00 Passiflora Caerulea 3 L